ACE Outdoors Essentials
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Bowhunting & Archery Supplies


We have access to nearly everything you need for bowhunting through Jakes Archery: and Moteng USA:

While too numerous to list each and every item, we can help you with nearly all of your outdoor, bowhunting and archery needs.


Please contact us for availability & pricing.


Available gear includes (but is not limited to):


  • Limited Bows (Martin, Carbon Tech, PSE)
  • Limited XBows (Barnett, Horton)
  • Arrows/Shafts (Carbon Tech, Carbon Express, Beman, Easton, Gold Tip...)
  • Broadheads (Slick Trick, Magnus, G5, Wasp, NAP, Rage, Steel Force...)
  • Tools (scales, spin testers, bow presses, serving tools, wax, cutoff saws, nock pliers, tuning tools, wrenches, lubricants, arrow pullers...) 
  • Lighted Nocks (Double Take, Luminok)
  • Fletching supplies (jigs, glues, wraps...)
  • Vanes & Feathers (AAE, Easton, Bohning, Flex Fletch, Marco, Norway, NAP...)
  • Sights (Spot Hogg, Axion, Axcel, Montana Black Gold, Cobra, Copper John, Field Logic IQ, G5, Sims, Tru Glo, Trophy Ridge...)
  • Quivers (Alpine, Bohning, G5, Rage, Tight Spot, Trophy Ridge...)
  • Rests (Axion, G5, NAP, Muzzy, QAP, Ripcord, Sims, Spot Hogg, Trophy Ridge/Whisker Biscuit, Trophy Taker, Vapor Trail...)
  • Stabilizers (Axion, Doinker, Easton, NAP, Sims, Stokerized, B-Stinger...)
  • Releases (Carter, Cobra, Scott, T.R.U., Spot Hogg, Tru Fire...)
  • Strings & string making materials, D-loop cord (Winner's Choice, Stone Mountain, Zebra, Flightwire, America's Best; BCY, Brownell...)
  • Cases (Blacks Creek Guide Gear, Plano, SKB, Sportsman's, Vanguard...)
  • Silencers (Limbsavers, Bow Jax, Norway...)
  • Bowslings (Crooked Horn, Primos, NEET...)
  • Packs/cases (Badlands, Blacks Creek Guide Gear, Sportsman's Outdoor Products...)
  • Clothing & Boots (Whitewater Outdoors, Danner, Carlton Cat Paws...)
  • Scent Control (Atsko UV/Sports Wash, Code Blue, Dead Down Wind, Primos, Scent Shield, Wildlife Research Center)
  • Scents/Attractants (Buck Bomb, C'Mere Deer, Evolved Habitats, Wildlife Research Center...)
  • Targets (Delta, McKenzie, Rhinehart, American Whitetail, Field Logic, Morrell, Hips...)
  • Books & Videos (Don Lauback, Mike Lapinski, Dave Holt, Berry's, Mossback, Primos, Realtree...)
  • Calls (Primos, Quaker Boy, Sceery...)
  • Field dressing (Alaska Game Bags, Primos, saws, axes)
  • Decoys (Carry Lite, HS Strut, Montana...)
  • Bowfishing (Saunders, Muzzy...) us!